The IX international exhibition “Transport of Russia” was held 3-5 December 2015 within the scope of Transport Week – 2015. 

At the conference hosted by AVTODOR State Company: Conference on the Development of Expressways in the Russian Federation, participants listened to reports on international experience in creating expressway networks and discussed similar prospects for Russia. Toll roads projects were considered with special regard to public-private partnership. The Western Europe – Western China transcontinental corridor project was featured as an example of public-private partnership. The Kazakh delegation’s active participation in the conference can be seen as evidence of deepening and strengthening international ties. 

The “Transport and Economics: Success Formula” plenary session was very fruitful. Minister of Transportation Maksim Sokolov, Russian Federation State Duma Transport Committee Chairman Evgeniy Moskvichev, and AVTODOR SC Board Chairman Sergey Kelbakh all took part in the discussion. The attendees discussed the transport industry’s impact on Russia’s economic and social situation and provided their short-term forecasts. Sergey Kelbakh presented the plan for the development of express motorways in the Russian Federation. 

12-ton trucks charging system
The pressing issue was in sharp focus at the roundtable held to discuss implementation of a system for charging vehicles with a maximum gross weight of more than 12 tons to recoup the costs associated with causing damage to public roads. The participants recapped the preliminary results of system implementation and its underlying principles. “Fee introduction is both logical and reasonable: the law is backed up by solid science,” says the Director of the Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy Studies at the Higher School of Economics, Mikhail Blinkin. 

The exhibition’s results indicate that development of the road-pricing industry is booming in Russia, aiming to create a high-quality public express-motorway network. 
Work is in full swing, judging by its already-impressive achievements and ambitious future targets.