On 18-19 November 2015, Astana hosted the XII International Exhibition KAZAVTODOR-2015 and III International Exhibition KAZTRAFFIC-2015. The exhibitions were formally sponsored and attended by the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the MIR RK Motorways Committee. 
RUTOLL delivered a speech on the Russian experience in the development of tolling systems and prospective ready-to-use technology.

The key themes of the plenary sessions and first-day discussions were: 

International transportation corridors and logistics;

Smart transport systems for motorway-network management.

The 100 Further Steps in State Construction presidential program was repeatedly referenced, with particular focus concentrated on options for implementation of the 58th step – attracting strategic (anchor) investors for the creation of an INTEGRATED OPERATOR FOR MAINTENANCE AND DEVELOPMENT OF MOTORWAY TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE.
Notwithstanding the ongoing economic crisis and other adverse conditions, 7,000 km of toll roads are to be built by 2020. A tentative network of motorways already exists, involving the Western Europe – Western China transcontinental corridor.

In view of the challenging directive, the ready solutions and advanced developments presented by RUTOLL piqued common interest. Company representatives touched on the most pressing and practical matters in their respective presentations: 

“Russian Experience with Tolling Systems” (RUTOLL General Director Ivan Plotnikov) 

“Prospective Integration Tasks for Tolling Systems in the Common Economic Space” (RUTOLL Deputy General Director for Business Development Konstantin Koryagin).
The MLFF barrier-free system and launch implications of the RFID state-of-the-art crypto processor were discussed. The nationwide implementation of these two systems alone would be enough to ensure the smooth operation of tolling systems.